A judge in Manhattan has sentenced Rap legend DMX to a year in prison for not paying $ 1.7 million in taxes.

The court reduced the sentence to one year instead of the five years required, because the judge is convinced that Simmons is “a good person”. He had previously admitted that the rapper’s lawyer played a part of his song Slippin in court. In it, DMX describes his problematic youth and all the hurdles that he had to take down in his life.According to the lawyer, DMX had never learned to “carry the responsibilities that bring financial success”.
The rapper would have lived largely on cash between 2000 and 2005 and put millions on accounts of managers and ex-women, to keep the money hidden from the tax authorities. DMX has fifteen children with different women. He was arrested in July for tax fraud, then detained in January because he did not follow the agreements he had made with the law when he paid his deposit.