Gnawi Ta7arouch

Moroccan Rapper Mohamed Gnawi was arrested two days after a video appeared in which he expressed his criticism of the Moroccan government.

The rapper with the stage name Gnawi was arrested on Friday, officially because of insulting the police, which he did in an earlier video. But according to many Moroccans it has to do with his most recent number Aâcha Chaâb.
In the song Aâcha Chaâb, which means ‘long live the people’, Gnawi says, among other things, that the government “stuffs people with drugs” so that they do not revolt. He also sings that Morocco will become an “empty country” in 2020, because everyone is leaving and that the king is “fooling everyone”. The video has been viewed more than 8 million times since Friday.

Check out the music video Aâcha Chaâb below ! #FreeGnawi