On Thursday (April 27), French Montana unveiled a trailer for his upcoming documentary, For Khadija, which is named after his mother.

French Montana was born Karim Kharbouch. Growing up in Morocco in the late 1980s, he idolized football and rap music. Then, out of nowhere, he found himself in the South Bronx. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that he would break through with the single “Choppa Choppa Down” and his album Excuse My French. His journey from undocumented immigrant to global star is one of hardship and perseverance. Today, Montana is one of the best-known rappers and the highest-streamed African-born artist of all time. He is also a two-time platinum recording artist. However, he is also best known for his encounters with law enforcement and criminal involvement. But now fans are getting a whole new look into his life thanks to a telling new documentary produced by Drake and Diddy.

Named for Montana’s mother, the documentary explores several distinct areas of the artist’s life. There are the early years in the South Bronx, running as a street dealer to make ends meet. Then comes his rise in the early 2000s, his musical breakout. And finally, there is the rise and fall of Max B, Montana’s closest associate. But beyond that, the documentary promises authenticity and vulnerability. The trailer features Montana dwelling on the absence of his father, who returned to Morocco when Montana was 15. It will also provide more insight into Montana’s perspective on the incarceration of Max B and the events that led up to it. The documentary is set to show French Montana in a way that he’s never been seen before. For Khadija is set to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in June.


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